Casino Fundraisers

Poker Tournament Fundraisers

A Texas Holdem Tournament is one of the simplest and most profitable fundraisers you can host.  They require the least amount of volunteers. The key is to sell 100 seats  to the poker tournament.  There are two types of Poker Tournament Fundraisers, self-dealt and dealt.  We assist you with equipment, staffing, blind structures, table consolidation, and the running of the tournament. You provide the venue, players, and a simple dinner. You need volunteers for registration, beverage runners and table monitors.

Self-Dealt Tournaments:

Your tournament players will be dealing to themselves.  We provide the poker tables which include, chips, cards and dealer buttons. We also provide the Tournament Director(s) who run the tournament.  The final table will be dealt by one of our Tournament Directors. 

Dealt Tournaments:

Your tournament players will be dealt by one of Atomic Casino Parties’ professional poker dealers.  We provide the Texas Holdem tables, chips, cards, and dealer buttons.  We also provide the Tournament Director(s) who run the tournament. 

There are many more details that will ensure a successful poker tournament and we are happy to share our experiences.  We are willing to send an Atomic Casino representative to your planning meeting to answer any and all questions.

Are Casino Fundraisers Legal?

There is a provision in California gaming law allowing non-profit organizations to host poker tournaments. These are regulated, and it is important that you know the rules. For more information click HERE. We are registered as a casino equipment supplier for the state of California.

Sponsoring Casino Fundraiser Tables:

Sponsoring casino tables is a great way to not only pay for the casino tables but to provide additional revenue towards your casino fundraiser goal. At a minimum, table sponsorship should at least cover the cost of the table. However from our experience many business’ are willing to not only contribute money for the tables, but to donate auction items as well. Why not invite your sponsors and their employees to attend your casino fundraiser? Prepare nice placards or sponsor cards to sit on each table. Ask your sponsor if they would like to have small brochures or literature for their products at the table. They should understand that not only is their donation going to a great cause, but they are getting some great advertising as well.

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